Iai-do is the art of drawing the Japanese sword.

Sound simple? Think again . . .

. . . think back to the days of the samurai. Two samurai are about to duel. Neither has drawn their sword. In a flash, blades are drawn, a cut is delivered and one samurai stands victorious.

To draw one’s blade and cut in a single motion requires intense training and focus. This was the beginning of Iai-do.

Today, Iai-do is practiced by men, women and children worldwide. It is a non-contact martial art, with all cuts being delivered to an imagined opponent.

Iai-do helps develop and maintain your mental focus, physical balance, strength and flexibility. As martial arts go, it is similar in many ways to Tai Chi and is performed at a slow, determined pace.

Beginners in Iai-do will be provided with a wooden sword to practice with, although if you want to train seriously, a specially-designed Iai-do sword and uniform will be in your future.

Iai-do is taught at the Welland Martial Arts Centre by Sensei Ron Mattie, 4th dan. For information on Iai-do class times please check the dojo schedule.

Dojo Location

Holy Trinity Church 

77 Division St., Welland
(side entrance)

Phone: 905-788-7999